The little balloon boys

     My heart skipped a beat when i saw a little boy slip from what looked like a cliff. I ran towards the cliff to see what was going on. To my surprise, the cliff was covered with fluffy, loose soil and there were not one but two little boys sliding down the cliff. It took me a moment to realise that the children were actually giggling!
    I watched as the children slid down the cliff, then grab a handful of stray grass then clumsily climb up the cliff and do it all over again, giggling the whole time. I asked them for their names and one of the boys said his friend was Suresh and he was Balloon!
    I noticed that the foot of the cliff was filled with bricks, pieces of wood and all kinds of other things. It was clear that the townsmen had dumped the rubble that had been accumulated after the earthquake in this area.
    Its amazing how the little children managed to find joy in a heap of rubble… literally! I cannot think of a better sign of Nepal moving on and ‘rising’ back up.



After they lost their home to the earthquake, they are living in this temporary shelter with some other family members including their aged grandmother. They proudly called this hut their home
Selfie with the balloon boys

Salute to these little geniuses and their brilliant brains.


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