Grey | Quantity is Quality


This instalation is a collaboration work done by me and my friend Manupriya Shrestha. In a one-week project in college, where we had to make an installation artwork with ‘quantity’or ‘repetation’ a prime element,we choose the shape circle and yarn as our repeating elements. We made a yin yang in this installation with old black and white pictures of different stages of people’s lives, ranging from casual walk on the streets to grand award ceremonies, hanging to the circles of the yin and yang representing the huge range of grey areas in life. The shape circle is somehow always linked with the idea of life and the world. The pictures belonged to Manupriya’s late grandfather. 

Nothing is ever stark white or jet black. There is always some black in our happiness and white in our misery. This is what the installation represents. The balance between the good and the bad, not just in peak moments but also in daily life of every individual.


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