Room Of Secrets | Quantity Is Quality


Some secrets are always inside us and these secrets are not meant revelation. Alot of times holding in a secret is just a huge burden.

“Room Of Secrets” is an installation art project which was done by me and a group of my friends. Along with being an installation art, this was an interactive artwork where we asked people of our campus to write their secrets in a piece of paper anonymously and tie it to a coloured string of their choice with a promise from us that no one would read their secrets.

Then we hung these ‘secrets’ from the ceiling in a room. We wanted to bring people’s secrets out in the open without revealing them and to provide a way to share their problems with people without having to actually share anything at all. We let all the secrets hang there, over our heads. 

The whole concept of this installation was to make  the participating audience feel a rush of mixed emotions by being in a room filled with secrets of people along with their own hanging just above their heads that they would never be able to read.


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